Super-concentrated heavy-duty detergent for use in hard or soft water

Effectively removes greases, soils, stains

Especially well suited for white shirts and linens

Its optical brightener system makes whites whiter and colors brighter

Biodegradable: phosphate free

Color safe bleaching protects fabric colors

Removes bad odors

Low foam

Recommended for commercial laundries

Prevents re-deposition of soils

Sequesters metal ions, prevents scale build-up in washing machines


Opti-Maxx is very economical and requires low dosing quantities.  The following recommendations are based on normal soils and a 50 lb wash load.

Shirts: 4 oz

Linens: 6 oz

Uniforms: 8 oz

Use caution when washing fabrics of low colorfastness to prevent color changes.


Eye contact will cause irritation.  Repeated or prolonged skin contact may cause dryness or chapping.  Inhalation of dusts may be harmful. May be harmful if swallowed. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water for fifteen minutes.  Get medical aid if irritation persists. In case of skin contact, wash with water. If inhaled, get fresh air. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, drink water and get medical aid.


Mobile Solvent & Supply, Inc. products are safe and effective when used as directed.  When using as a cleaner, always test a small area for adverse reaction. Since the manufacturer cannot control conditions or method of application, no warranty or liability beyond the replacement of defective product is offered.

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