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Degreaser Concentrate

CITRUCLEAN emulsifies and removes grease, oils, and soils from surfaces, suspending dirt and foreign material and allowing them to be wiped or flushed away. Safe to use on most finishes, it is recommended for cleaning engines and under-hood painted surfaces, aluminum, whitewall tires, walls floors, vinyl upholstery, lawn furniture, outdoor grills, ceramic tile, porcelain fixtures, fiberglass boats, and glass. It is excellent for use in steam cleaning machines and high pressure washers. It will remove oil, grease, dirt, road film, heel marks, finger prints, and kitchen grease. Concentrated for full strength cleaning, it contains biodegradable citrus solvent to give it added power in grease removal. Use it full strength for heavy duty cleaning or dilute with water for lighter jobs.


Collar Cleaner & Laundry Boost

OPTI-BOOST effectively removes collar stains, greasy and oily stains, butter, cooking oils, salad oils, spaghetti sauce, BBQ sauce, coffee, tea, lipstick, makeup, smoke odors, body oils and odors, blood, pet odors, petroleum odors, and grass. It works well in hot, warm, and cold water.


Oxygen Bleach

OPTI-BRITE is a rapidly soluble oxygen bleach formulated to enhance stain removal from white and light colored fabrics. It excels in creating a bright finished appearance in shirts.


Buffered Sour with Optical Brighteners

OPTI-BUFF is a concentrated souring agent that effectively lowers alkalinity in the wash wheel. It contains optical brighteners to add sparkle to white fabrics. Adding OPTI-BUFF to the final rinse prevents browning at high press temperatures and neutralizes alkalinity in garments to prevent rashes.


All-In-One Detergent with Optical Brighteners

OPTI-CLEAN is a powerful all-in-one detergent that safely removes stubborn stains of fats, oils, greases, butter, coffee, tea, wine, blood, spaghetti sauce, and many others. It effectively whitens and brightens shirts, while attacking stubborn collar stains.


Laundry Detergent​

OPTI-MAXX is a super-concentrated, heavy-duty, phosphate-free detergent designed for use in hard or soft water. It effectively removes greases, soils, and stains and is especially well suited for white shirts and linens. Its optical brightener system makes whites whiter and colors brighter, while its color-safe bleaching protects fabric colors. OPTI-MAXX is low foam and removes bad odors. The re-deposition of soils is prevented with this formulation. Moreover, as it sequesters metal ions, it prevents scale build-up in washing machines.

This product is recommended for commercial laundries.

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