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Boost your paint and coatings operations with our premium range of thinners designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry. From fast-dry thinners to environmentally friendly alternatives, our comprehensive selection ensures efficient and effective paint thinning and clean-up:

Mobile solvent and supply epoxy paint thinner for paint and coating industries

FT 1000

All Purpose Thinner​

FT 1000 is a fast dry thinner for oil, lacquer, and epoxy based paints. A versatile thinner, it can also be used to clean brushes and spray equipment.


Economy Thinner

60/40 is our popular and affordable choice for thinning oil-based paints and epoxies. Use it to clean tools, brushes, and spray equipment.


No HAP Thinner

eco friendlyNo HAP 9180 is an alternative thinning solution for thin oil-based paints and lacquers where Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) are regulated.

This product cuts down on environmental emissions.

LT 370

Cabinet Shop Thinner

LT 370 is a specially designed lacquer thinner primarily used in cabinet and wood working.

EPOXY Thinner

Epoxy Paint Thinner

EPOXY Thinner is designed to be used with epoxy paints and any clean-up of heavy epoxy paint residue.

ENAMEL Thinner

No HAP Thinner

ENAMEL Thinner is designed to thin oil-based enamels and to clean up brushes and spray equipment.

SYT 2010

Shipyard Thinner

SYT 2010 is our universal cleaning solvent. It is especially effective in shipyard contexts and can be used to clean up oil- based paints, lacquers, and epoxies.

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