This is a high quality, high flash point, low odor petroleum solvent.  Use it in soak tanks or recirculating solvent parts washers. It rapidly and safely removes even stubborn, baked on grease from all metals, and most rubber and plastics.  It won’t cause rust or corrosion.

It is recommended for use in Automotive Repair Shops, Car and Truck Dealers, Heavy Equipment Dealers, Marine Repair Yards, Oil Wells, Industrial Maintenance, Public Works Departments, Railroad Maintenance, Building Maintenance, and anywhere that grease and oil are a problem.

Oil reclaimers can use the spent solvent in fuel oil if it is not contaminated with carburetor cleaners, flammable solvents, etc.  


It is ready to use in soak tanks and re-circulating solvent parts washers.  Apply by spray, brush, rag, or dipping. Allow to soak, or scrub with a brush.  Wipe dry with a towel or let it air dry.


Wear protective gloves and eye protection when using solvents.

Eye contact causes irritation.  Immediately remove contact lenses and flush eyes with plenty of water, lifting eyelids to insure thorough flushing.

Skin contact may cause irritation.  Repeated or prolonged skin contact may de-fat the skin.  Wash with soap and water.

Inhalation of excessive amounts of vapors or spray mists may cause respiratory irritation.  Remove to fresh air.

Ingestion may be harmful.  Aspiration hazard if swallowed.


Mobile Solvent & Supply, Inc. products are safe and effective when used as directed.  When using as a cleaner, always test a small area for adverse reaction. Since the manufacturer cannot control conditions or method of application, no warranty or liability beyond the replacement of defective product is offered.


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